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You must have an account to access our inventory reporting system. Your CelaTrac account is not valid at this site. You must be a Cummins' SMI supplier or Cummins employee to view inventory at our facilities. Click on the System ID Request button to request a user ID. Click on the CDS System Link button to log in and access the system.

Celadon Dedicated Services, is part of Celadon Group Inc (NYSE - CGI)                    Celadon Trucking Services, headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana is one of the largest North American carriers with divisions in Canada and Mexico as well as the United States                    CDS provides storage and delivery solutions for forward thinking companies that require a high standard of inventory accuracy and on time delivery performance from a third party logisitics provider                    CDS consistantly delivers 100% on time and maintains over 99% inventory accuracy with audits performed weekly                    CDS offers a wide range of services including international and domestic consignment inventory management,     Electronic Data Interchange transmissions,    sequencing and sorting for point of use delivery,     kitting with bill of materials,    repacking of bulk material into lineside use containers,     Kanban replenishment,     material allocation for distribution to multiple sites,     customer systems integration,     inbound and outbound manifest tracking,     dedicated fleets        

CDS SILC and SEMI Facilaties are open
from Sunday at 10:00 pm through Friday at 6:00 pm
we are closed weekly between the hours of 6:00 pm to10:00 pm. 

*** Note: Receiving STOPS at 4:00 pm
Unless special arrangements are made in advance
CDS Seymour Facility is open
from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Friday

****  Saturdays and Sundays are closed unless special arrangments are made in advance.

CDS is a proud service provider for:

Cummins, Inc.     Celadon Dedicated Services has relocated to:    Southern Indiana Logistics Center (SILC)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         1825 W. 450 S., Columbus, Indiana 47201

Participating suppliers include:

Allen Group Limited     Amtec Precision Products     Asimco Components Group     Autocam Corporation     Robert Bosch      Denso International America     Engine Ceramic Technologies     Federal Mogul
Fontana Distribution Inc.     Gebruder Gienanth - Eisenburg     JI-EE Industry Company LTD     Karl Schmidt Unisia     Kawasaki Automotive Industry     Komatsu LTDLeoni Wiring Systems     Large-Lot Industrial Production
Metaz A.S.           Sapa Profiler     Schumag AG     Sun Hydraulics     TBK America     Usui International

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